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Personalised handmade anniversary cards

05 August 2009 12:30

For those very special and unique times of the year when you want to remember your loved ones. Whatever the anniversary, from their very first, to maybe their 5th or 10th, to the main ones like silver, ruby or golden wedding, all can be catered for at Unicrafts. We have all the anniversary ages represented up to 70 years. We handmake each card, lovingly twisting wire into designs to reflect the occasion. You can choose from having the specific anniversary number or select a design. Two hearts entwined, or champagne flutes, are just some of the designs available. You can send a card to your spouse too so just select the design you require and then add your personalised wording. e.g. to my husband, with love on our silver wedding anniversary. Why not combine the number with the relevant anniversary gift? e.g. a card with wire 40 and writing....on your ruby wedding anniversary handwritten underneath. Just let us know your specific requirements.