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Christmas card designs now available

22 October 2010 18:32
We now have our 2010 collection of christmas cards available to buy in really sumptuous colours. These can be found in the seasonal card section and are made out of gold wire that has been delicately twisted into motifs that are representative of this very special time of year. You can choose from 8 designs: angel, bell, crown, heart, holly, robin, star and tree. They have been designed to go on their respective colours but all colourways are available in each of the designs. The standard example is....'happy christmas' but as with all our cards you can choose your own personal message.

Maybe you would like to give a special card to the grandparents from the children, so why not have something like.......'with love maama and grandi' or use other familiar nicknames that are personal to them. Not only is this something very special, but something you won't be able to find in the card shops!